Clintons Flip Out And Kill People

I have to say the thing that leaps out at me most about this report is that Geena Davis is, in fact, still acting. It's like finding out Coolio is releasing a new album.

Drudge (and the Drudgekateers) are declaring that this is "attempting to get us ready for Hilary in '08", although as is usual, the power of Hollywood's social conditioning is vastly overrated. After all, West Wing got the Democratic got the Democratic got Peggy Noonan a paycheck. Dammit.

You do, however, have to love the unironic link to the Newsmax summary of the Joe Klein article in which Klein points out that it might be a bad idea for Hillary to run because publications like Newsmax will go batshit crazy. What power has she, this Clinton? I believe it to be...REAL ULTIMATE POWER. And godless Hollywood lesbianism, which is much the same thing.

-Jesse Taylor

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