Code Pink: Still Ridiculous

Via Think Progress, we see that members of the anti-war group Code Pink tried to make a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove at a book-signing. While I too chuckle at the idea of Rove in leg irons, one must ask: Is this really the best use of your time? Aren't there some more pressing problems at the moment?

I have an interest in this, because two years ago I wrote a column about Code Pink, calling them "possibly America's silliest anti-war organization" and making the argument that the actions they engaged in were so unlikely to have any effect on the future of the Iraq War that they were just pointless attempts to make the participants feel good -- more masturbatory than anything else:

And this week, which will see the fifth anniversary of the start of the war, Code Pink plans to "step up the pressure," as its leader Medea Benjamin said. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "Code Pink has a full roster of activities planned for the week, including: yoga every morning at 8:30; organic potlucks every noon; nightly movies and popcorn; a bike ride around Berkeley on Tuesday; an open-mike musical jam on Wednesday; and a 'send-off' to the Marines on Friday, when protesters will bring suitcases and pink berets for traveling." How the Bush administration will be able to resist is anyone's guess.

Trying as hard as they could to prove my point, Code Pink responded to my column by sending a half-dozen of its members to my office to protest me. Unfortunately, I was out at the time, so their attempt at a devastating bit of political theater was thwarted. They did leave behind a certificate, however, which honored me for aiding the imperialist war-mongers. I'm not kidding -- that really happened.

Given that the draw-down of our involvement in Iraq seems to be proceeding on schedule, it can't be an easy time for a group that was created to protest that war. So perhaps the members of Code Pink might consider some new and creative ways to spend their time. Why not take up a hobby? Or organize a clean-up of your local park -- after all, local government is stretched thin these days. I'll bet if you thought about it real hard, you could come up with something to do that might actually have an impact on the world.

-- Paul Waldman

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