Right Wing Watch has the latest Islamophobic statements from Evangelical leader Pat Robertson, from his broadcast this morning:

Robertson: I think the Antichrist is Islam. I really do, and I think it’s a system.

Meeuwsen: It’s a system more than person?

Robertson: It’s both, it’s centered on Mohammed, who defied Jesus, he said Jesus wasn’t the son of God, I mean that’s Antichrist. And I think the system is the Antichrist system, because they’re trying to destroy the Jews and there’s a hatred, a virulent hatred, of Christians and Jews. So could that be it? I think.

So the U.S. has a national security problem in the form of global extremism--including Islamic extremism. Separate from that is the growth of Islam as a religion, and the fact that Christianity is in competition with Islam for humanity's souls. There is a substantial portion of the Republican base that cannot distinguish between the two, and so views the latter as a "threat" indistinguishable from the former. Hence the popularity of sharia panic in the Republican base.

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