60 current and former diplomats signed a letter opposing the Bolton nomination. That made sense, what with diplomats weighing in on the appointment of a top diplomat -- their occupational experience gives them a unique perspective on the position. In response, Frank Gaffney got 65 -- count 'em, five more! -- non-diplomats to sign a counter-letter supporting the nomination. The signatories include such foreign policy heavyweights as Alan Keyes, Bill Bennett, Bush speechwriter Clark Judge and even former congresscritter James Longley, who likes Bolton so much he signed the letter twice.

Since the game is now numbers rather than exxpertise, a response is called for. I need 66 names for my own anti-Bolton letter. You don't need to know anything, don't need to work in government, don't need to be important -- hell, you don't even need your real name. But I need 66 of you to add your digital hancock in the comments because, if we don't, Gaffney's letter will surely bring Lugar over to the dark side. The letter reads as follows:

"Dear Sen. Lugar,

We, the undersigned, do not support the nomination of John Bolton. He does not like the UN. Therefore, he should not work there. You wouldn't appoint Steve Jobs to run Microsoft, or Howard Dean to head the Club for Growth, or Dr. Doom to helm the Avengers, would you? Of course not, Doom, for instance, would quickly and gleefully destroy the supergroup through a combination of energy blasts and deliberately vague decision-making. And then who would save the world when Doom tried to take it over?

No one, that's who. And if John Bolton is appointed as representative to the UN, the results could be similarly dire. Therefore we, the undersigned, resolve to oppose his nomination, and urge you and your committee to do so as well. Remember, there are 66+ of us. Also, you are really awesome and handsome.


The Undersigned"

Now sign on.