COW STEREOTYPES. Ezra keeps mentioning that Jonah Goldberg has an interesting mind. Okay, I'm willing to be convinced. However, this kind of crap is, ah, not doing the job. I could take this far more seriously than it deserves to be taken and point out how thoroughly those "rugged cowboy types" -- Gooey! Dripping! Steaming! as Frank Zappa once opined -- depend on the largesse of the federal government and its grazing policies.

But, no, let's just have this dirty-tricks legacy hire get up at 4:30 a.m. in the middle of February in Wisconsin to milk the cows and we'll see who represents "soft America" and who doesn't. Also, if you're going to expound, however briefly, glibly and humorlessly, on the Political Sociology Of The Basic Food Groups, shouldn't you at least spell "Montana" correctly? Yeesh.

--Charles P. Pierce