CRAIG'S LIST OF WAYS TO SURVIVE. With rumors flying around the intertubes that Larry Craig may resign I think someone should point out that, from a democratic perspective, that would be a Bad Thing. Ideally, Craig will hold on to his job, barely survive a bitter primary challenge from the right, then, mortally wounded, be defeated by former Rep. Larry LaRocco.

If he can hang on for a while longer Craig might be able to survive indefinitely since news out of Iowa could distract conservatives from his story. A judge in Polk County has ruled the state's gay marriage ban violates the state constitution and thrown it out. At least one gay couple has already been married. A general conservative freakout is sure to ensue and distract from the story of one guy in a bathroom. Alternatively, Craig may stay stubbornly on long after everyone considers his career finished -- Gonzales style.

--Sam Boyd