CREDIT. Hillary...

CREDIT. Hillary Clinton hasn't let her routine spats with the blogosphere stand in the way of good policy: She's come out as cosponsor of a strong net neutrality bill. This, by the way, is evidence of why nothing she does to the blogs or the blogs do to her is particularly dangerous over the long haul. If Clinton wins the primary, the netroots will still unite around her because, of the two candidates, she's the one most likely to govern in a way they can stomach. And she'll welcome them into the fold, because they bring cash and energy. There'll be some grumbling, sure. And when the rapprochement begins grinding forward and the internecine battles wind down, you'll see a bunch of "Why I Support Hillary" posts, most of which will prominently feature this bill. Bandwidth is thicker than water, after all.

--Ezra Klein