Cutting Social Security on the Brain?

Can you find the words �Social Security� in this text?

So what�s our exit strategy from Iraq?
Why do our soldiers have to keep dying?
What about affordable health care?
Can�t we support stem cell research?
Why did we let down Katrina victims?
Why won�t Congress do anything?
Pass a decent minimum wage?
Why are we losing so many jobs to overseas?
O.K., it�s kind of ridiculous to think you�re ever going to get an answer from this (pause) bush.
But it�s also kind of ridiculous to think you�re going to get an answer (cue a picture of President Bush) from this one.
Text: Demand Answers. Vote for Change.

I couldn�t either. Which makes you wonder why the NYT�s commentary on this Democratic Party ad describes it as highlighting the fact that: �Congress has not acted on several major issues, including immigration and Social Security.�

The Congressional Budget Office�s projections show that Social Security can pay all scheduled benefits for the next 40 years with no changes whatsoever, and the program is hugely popular. What makes Social Security a major issue, except the fact that some people (perhaps including our NYT commentator) want to privatize and/or cut it?

-- Dean Baker

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