Daily Meme: The Affordable Care Act Blues

  • The doldrums of August are finally coming to an end. However, there are still enough days left for one final rigamarole over the Affordable Care Act.
  • What's the fuss this time around? Well, same as all the other times—it's about cost. 
  • Some say premiums will be more expensive under Obamacare ...
  • ... while others say such fears are "overblown."
  • Truth is ... we're mostly unsure how things will unfold at this point. And, the people we trust most on health care—doctors—may be unreliable sources. Great.
  • Both camps of Obamacare war are sending out their best troops to either sing the gospels of health-care reform, or try their damnedest to dismantle it. 
  • Bill Clinton will give a speech on health care in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 4. 
  • And Tea Partiers are invading the Texas Capitol this week to call for a complete gutting of Affordable Care Act funding.
  • A handful of Republican-controlled states are still trying to resist implementation, and making it harder for everyone else. 
  • But it's not all doom and gloom. Michigan approved an expansion of their state Medicaid program on Tuesday, proving once again that there's a way for Republican states and Obamacare to get along. 
  • Despite delays and disagreements, the federal health insurance exchanges are still scheduled to debut on October 1. After then—and only after then—will we see how this long drama ends. 

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