Daily Meme: Back to School for World Leaders

  • The G20 Summit—an annual meeting of world leaders focusing mainly on economics—kicked off today in St. Petersburg. The member countries combined produce nearly 90 percent of the world's GDP, and house two-thirds of the world's population. Here's what's on the agenda.
  • But don't expect much of these topics to get much press or play. Thanks to the U.S.'s current deliberations about airstrikes in the Middle East, this weekend is going to be all about Syria. 
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin recommended that they discuss Syria over dinner, so that the more formal meetings could be saved for talk of stimulus and stock markets. 
  • So ... dinner conversation is likely to be awkward and unpleasant. Hopefully the food is good!
  • One thing Putin won't want to talk about at the summit—the 2016 Olympics. Expect Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron to bring it up anyway.
  • Things might get tense, judging by the death stare Obama and Putin gave each other this morning.
  • Another topic other countries will be eager to discuss—United States stimulus money. Although we're on the slow upswing, Europe's economy still isn't feeling too hot. They want those sweet, cheap dollars that Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke's policies have made abundant
  • It's not all doom and gloom though. Some leaders are excited to share with the class how far their economies have come in the past year
  • In short, it's going to be a busy couple of days. We'll see what happens.

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