Daily Meme: Casting the Cats and Sexts Aside for a Trip to the Polls

  • The circus is done, and New York voters are set to choose their nominees for the New York City mayoral election.
  • Anthony Weiner thinks his chances of winning are good.
  • The polls tend to disagreeEmphatically.
  • Whatever, guys. He's got this
  • De Blasio is miles ahead of the competition at this point, winning the support of women, blacks, whites, Catholics, Jews, old, young, and all five boroughs. Even if he doesn't cross the 40 percent threshold necessary to stave off a runoff, he'd still be likely to emerge victorious.
  • Christine Quinn had auspicious Clinton 2008-esque beginnings, but is now trailing in third place.Apparently, dead mayors do not good endorsements make. 
  • On the sidelines, John Catsimatidis and Joe Lhota are still arguing about cats.
  • Not only does Catsimatidis accuse Lhota of having "no heart," but he's certain his “love factor with the minorities" will be his ticket to victory. “They all give me hugs.”
  • Meanwhile, the city's antiquarian voting machines are getting performance anxiety. We could have used fewer valedictories of de Blasio's cruise control finish and more polling data on the potential for mayhem caused by old lever machines that don't count too well anymore, eh Quinnipiac?
  • And what to do with the mayor who's getting ready to hang up Hizzoner for good? New York Magazine devoted most of their issue this week to Michael Bloomberg, and his exit interview deserves a close read. One takeaway: history is definitely made by the golfers. 
  • And another angle from Choire Sicha—if New York is so great post-Bloomberg why does it still feel sorta sucky? An immortal question for the next mayor to sort out, to be sure. 


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