Daily Meme: DeBlasio and McAuliffe and Christie, Oh My!

  • We're a week out from Election Day, which means the local media markets in cities and states with consequential races will be saturated with 24/7 coverage from here on out. For those of us who don't live in a place with a sexy campaign to obsess over, here's the CliffNotes version of our off-season elections.
  • In the Virginia gubernatorial race, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has a double-digit leadover Republican Ken Cuccinelli. 
  • Molly Ball writes, "if you're just now Rip Van Winkling in from the 1990s, that last sentence was not a joke."
  • Bill deBlasio is leading the New York City mayoral race by 45 percentage points, ready to become Bloomberg's successor in a historic landslide.
  • Chris Smith's New York Magazine profile of the public advocate and longtime politico is a must-read primer on what kind of mayor deBlasio just might be.
  • And here's a profile of his political consulting firm, which knew exectly the kind of New York voters wanted to imagine during the primary.
  • Mike Duggan is set to win the Detroit mayoral race, which means the bankrupt city is set to have its first white mayor since 1974.
  • Chris Christie will win re-election easily, given that over 40 percent of New Jersey residents seem to have no idea who his opponent is. 
  • And yes. His election night party will be Bruce Springsteen themed.


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