Daily Meme: Do SOMETHING!

  • With tensions escalating in Ukraine—according to reports that are disputed by the Russian government, Moscow has issued an ultimatum to soldiers in Crimea—the Washington Post weighs in with an urgent exhortation: The president needs to do something. "For five years, the president has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality," the board writes.
  • What exactly the president should do the Post doesn't bother saying, an omission the conservative Heritage Foundation also makes in jumping on the "Hey, yeah, let's act!" bandwagon.
  • Kevin Drum at Mother Jones sums up how this will all play out. Basically, Obama will continue to denounce Putin, there will be talk of sanctions that goes nowhere, and conservatives will gleefully declare the president "weak" on foreign policy.
  • One thing's for sure. This—not Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, North Korea, Iran—is theultimate test of the president on foreign policy. 
  • Secretary of State John Kerry has said all options are on the table—sanctions, kicking Russia out of the G8, visa bans. But even Senator John McCain agrees using military force is not the answer.
  • Past sanctions, there may not be much we can do, writes the Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky.
  • What's most unclear is what the actual outcome for Ukraine will be.
  • Is autonomy for Crimea a possible solution? 
  • One thing's for sure: The markets don't like conflict, and have already shown Putin what the world thinks of Russia' intervention in Ukraine.

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