Daily Meme: Elections, Elections Everywhere

  • New York City voters have chosen their candidates for November's general election, and prognosticators, professional and recreational, have already bathed the papers, airwaves, and web with their thoughts about who will win. 
  • Elections around the country are also starting to ramp up as fall rushes near—let's check in and see how the biggest (or most entertaining) races stand.
  • Terry McAuliffe has a slight lead in the Virginia gubernatorial race against Republican Ken Cuccinelli, and 19 percent of voters are still undecided.
  • And The Washington Post is all like, who cares who's ahead, this whole election is gross.
  • Next door in Maryland, they have to wait another year before choosing a new governor. But you don't have to wait to sift through a slideshow of potential candidates!
  • Speaking of 2014 lists, here's one of the less conventional recruits gunning for a seat in Congress.
  • Senator Rand Paul is campaigning for New Jersey senate candidate Steve Lonegan today.
  • Too bad Cory Booker is ahead in the race by 35 points
  • Governor Chris Christie is also miles ahead in his re-election fight.
  • In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell is balancing a very tricky set of roles as he heads toward a nightmare of a re-election. 
  • Detroit's recent bankruptcy filing is making their mayoral election even more stressful than it was already promising to be. Labor and business groups have chosen their horses.
  • In New York, the two mayoral nominees have already started to bicker and rail and stake their terrain, while the current mayor has vowed not to endorse anyone in the race. Independent groups arereopening their checkbooks for the election's final stretch.
  • Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the actual campaigns, dark-money groups are inventing whole new ways of being shifty ahead of the midterms. Great.
  • And last, but definitely far from least, there's this guy running to be mayor of Minneapolis. Bask in the best campaign ad of all time, and Happy Friday.

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