Daily Meme: #Fail—It's All Around Us

  • We all know that failure is just a necessary stage on the path to success. Unfortunately, it doesn't often feel that way, and around the world today, lots of people are struggling with dashed hopes, unrealized goals, and outright blunders.
  • Chris Christie's leadership of the Republican Governor's Association was supposed to be a vehicle to help him win friends and allies around the country, but it's not going very well. He's in Texas this week for an RGA fundraiser, and both Governor Rick Perry and the man likely to succeed him at the end of this year, GOP nominee Greg Abbot, suddenly found that their schedules were just too jam-packed to show up.
  • Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying desperately, and failing just as desperately, to find some kind of demand Republicans can agree to make in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. "Right now, Jesus himself couldn't be the speaker and get 218 Republicans behind something," said another Republican congressman.
  • The Senate has, for the moment anywayfailed to overcome a Republican filibuster of a bill extending unemployment benefits.
  • The business wing of the GOP formed a bunch of super PACs in an attempt to thwart the kamikaze strategy of the Tea Partiers, but according to Roll Call, the new groups have failed to raise as much money as their more radical counterparts.
  • Journalists attempted to report accurately on what the latest CBO report said about the effect of the Affordable Care Act on the job market, and failed miserably.
  • In future failure news, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has been tasked with creating a genuine, serious alternative to the Affordable Care Act that all Republicans can get behind.
  • Colorful Toronto mayor Rob Ford declared today Bob Marley day in his city, failing to prevent people from remembering that he likes to drink and take drugs.
  • Between the disgusting hotel rooms and toilets where fishing is banned, Sochi is failing to put its best foot forward to the world as the Winter Olympics begin. So they're trying to round up and kill all the city's stray dogs, while animal welfare groups try to save the four-legged fugitives. Let's hope the dog rescuers don't fail.

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