Daily Meme: If at First You Don't Succeed...

  • Representative Doug Collins, on President Obama: “You got to go up there, and you just impeach him.”
  • Senator James Inhofe, on President Obama: "People may be starting to use the I-word before too long."
  • Former representative Dennis Kucinich, on President Obama: "President Obama moved forward without Congress approving. He didn’t have Congressional authorization, he has gone against the Constitution, and that’s got to be said ... I’m raising the question as to whether or not it’s an impeachable offense. It would appear on its face to be an impeachable offense."
  • Former representative Dennis Kucinich, on President Bush: "I will once again bring a similar privileged resolution of Impeachment to the House. We must not only create an historical record of the misconduct of the Bush Administration but we must make sure that any future Administration is forewarned about the Constitutionally proscribed limits of executive authority and exercise of power contravening the Constitution."
  • Former representative Elizabeth Holtzmann, on President Bush: "Impeachment is a tortuous process, but now that President Bush has thrown down the gauntlet and virtually dared Congress to stop him from violating the law, nothing less is necessary to protect our constitutional system and preserve our democracy."
  • South Miami Heights resident Jim Messina, on President Carter: "Let's begin now to yank pontiferous Pope Carter from office."
  • Josephine Butler, head of the D.C. Statehood Party, on President Reagan: ''Our purpose is to turn this country around. Getting rid of Reagan is the first step.''
  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti, on President Eisenhower: "Tentative Description of a Dinner Given to Promote the Impeachment of President Eisenhower."
  • Representative George Bender, on President Truman: "The seizure of the steel industry, together with the President's declaration that he has the authority to take over the newspapers, radio, television, and communication systems of the nation at the sole discretion of the President, raises a constitutional question of the utmost gravity."
  • Republican National Chairman Carroll Reece, on President Truman: "It is time for a showdown between those who believe in the maintenance of our representative republic and exponents of the New Deal philosophy that people are 'too damn dumb' to understand what their government does. 
  • Representative Snell, on President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Mr. Roosevelt has trod 'perilously close' to impeachable grounds."
  • The Omaha Tribune, on President Wilson: "The American people will find legal ways and means, as during the time of President Johnson, to prevent the country from being the victim of a calamity."
  • Syracuse University chancellor James Day, on President Teddy Roosevelt: "If this is not anarchy, what is anarchy? To what length may we expect such infatuation to proceed? As a humble citizen with inalienable rights, I insist upon a halt. Our president must not be prosecutor nor persecutor."
  • Representative Howard, on President Cleveland: "I do impeach Grover Cleveland, President of the United States, of crimes and misdemeanors."
  • The New York Caucasian, on President Lincoln: "Lincoln to Be Impeached"

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