Daily Meme: Ted Cruz's Rotten Tomatoes Score

  • Fresh (95%): Rush Limbaugh — "Ted Cruz is fighting for freedom in the greatest tradition of American freedom fighters."
  • Fresh: (90%) Sarah Palin — "Maybe if Ted had worn pretty pink running shoes he'd have gotten more respect from the same leftwing media that gushed over the Texan state senator who filibustered in the Texas legislature."
  • Fresh (85%): David French — "While the leftist outlets (and, sadly, some Republicans) spew forth their vitriol, I can’t help but think that moments like this and Senator Rand Paul’s “Stand with Rand” filibuster represent key turning points for the conservative movement."
  • Fresh (82%): John Podhoretz — "All in all, the Cruz performance was great political theater, and Cruz was astoundingly impressive both in demeanor and in the cogency and saliency of his arguments against ObamaCare."
  • Fresh (59%) David Frum — "In the Senate, Cruz may look right now the very opposite of shrewd. But the view Cruz cares about is the view from Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina—and from there he looks like a hero to many of the Republicans who'll choose the party's nominee in 2016."
  • Rotten (49%): The Wall Street Journal — "We've lost this debate, and Generals Cruz and Lee are in charge. If they do succeed and defund ObamaCare, we'll gladly give them due credit. But if things don't go well, let's not hear any excuses about "the surrender caucus" or claims that it would all have worked out if only everyone were as brave and principled as the generals up at HQ."
  • Rotten (47%): Charles Hurt — "I consider myself an unapologetic Tea Party Patriot. I brush my teeth with red, white, and blue toothpaste ... But here is where I got to get off the crazy train."
  • Rotten (42%) Daniel McCarthy — "Cruz, who seemed quite happy in George W. Bush’s Justice Department, is something else: a figure straight out of Rush Limbaugh’s dreams, the 2013 model of 2003′s Republican right."
  • Rotten (22%): Gail Collins — "Cruz is basically a roadblock with a Princeton debate medal. But he’s managed to achieve what no one else, from the president to the American public, has been able to do in recent years: unite the vast majority of Congress around one great idea. Which is, in this case, hatred of Senator Ted Cruz."
  • Rotten (27%): Alex Pareene — "There’s some debate as to whether Cruz is crazy-like-a-fox or just an idiot with an inflated ego, but the fact that he could be either shows how little it matters."
  • Rotten (35%): Dana Milbank — "A casual observer of Cruz’s antics could see what his colleagues had been grumbling about privately: that his time on the Senate floor was an exercise in self-promotion."
  • Rotten (17%): Steve Benen — "Cruz loves both attention and the sound of his own voice, and this spectacle offers both—though I can't help but wonder if the Republican realizes the extent to which he's undermining his own supposed cause."
  • Rotten (8%): Michael Cohen — "He's the Republican's Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man."

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