Daily Meme: Your One-Stop Guide to Ruining Thanksgiving

  • Turkey and politics, served on the rocks of fractious family dinner conversation, is a volatile cocktail best left unserved over the holidays. 
  • Most D.C. columnists don't seem to have gotten the memo, seeing as they've bombarded us with unsightly heaps of Thanksgiving metaphors.
  • In discussing the Hobby Lobby contraception-mandate case, Michelle Malkin writes, "Religious liberty is front and center on the nation’s Thanksgiving table."
  • Vanity Fair is "thankful for the names Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers (we feel like it isn’t remarked upon enough that those are their actual names)."
  • A blogger at HuffPo laments the war on Thanksgiving: "The profiteers see this Thanksgiving as their D-Day. D-Day on Turkey Day. This is their Normandy. They have finally made landfall and have started to swing the momentum of the battle."
  • If you want to raise warring on Thanksgiving to an art, however, you can't get much better than this Charles Beard piece from 1920. 
  • Even the White House seems intent on sapping all the happiness you planned to have eating pumpkin pie by advising you start an argument with Grandpa about Obamacare.  
  • Conservatives quickly began bashing the Obama administration's holiday health-care push: "Perfect: When your family is curled up in chairs in a turkey/stuffing/pumpkin pie-induced stupor, you can cut off the idle reminisces about bygone days and football and kids saying the cutest things, and launch that super festive health-care conversation that's sure to have everyone bursting into a rollicking round of kumbaya."
  • The Washington Examiner took another tack, with its "Thanksgiving guide to making conservative arguments liberals can understand."
  • The Democratic National Committee covers the other end of the ideological spectrumwith "The Democrat's Guide to Talking Politics with Your Republican Uncle."
  • If you are tempted to test the effectiveness of these guides and pass around talking points with the stuffing, you probably should read this first.

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