DARWIN... DARWIN... ANYONE? ANYONE? You didn't think "Intelligent Design" was going away, did you? After the devastating defeat of the Dover decision, in which a judge ruled, based upon scientific testimony as well as internal documents from ID's own proponents, that ID was little more than religion dressed up in cheap science costume, the ID gang have regrouped, and now present themselves as brave, embattled scientific insurgents.

The Discovery Institute's rather optimistically named blog ID:The Future (fingers crossed!) touts the soon-to-be-released "docudrama" Expelled, which harnesses the white-hot star power of Ben Stein (Abe Vigoda was unavailable) to expose the disgraceful suppression of Intelligent Design by the Darwinist establishment and its dogmatic insistence that a scientific theory offer a falsifiable hypothesis.

As much as the science-averse eighth grader in me enjoys the idea of answering "Because the Designer designed it that way!" to any and all questions on a biology test, something tells me the Dark Forces of Charles Darwin are not trembling in their boots.

--Matthew Duss