THE DAY AFTER. More interesting than the state of Hillary Clinton's marriage is the state of her foreign policy thinking:

But on Tuesday, she was also forced to deal with Iraq when two women protesting the war interrupted her speech. The protesters, who yelled, "Stop the war," were dragged from the room, leaving Clinton to explain in a question-and-answer session that she did not regret voting for war but opposed the way the president has conducted the conflict.

She said the United States could begin thinking about "making other decisions" about Iraq once an Iraqi government is "fully formed."

So . . . she thinks Bush has handled the war badly but doesn't regret authorizing him to handle the war? On the forward-looking issue, this is going to get us nowhere. If you want the Iraqis to move more quickly on forming a government, promising to withdraw American military support if and only if they accomplish this isn't going to get the job done. At any rate, I have longstanding beef with Patrick Healy as a reporter dating back to when he covered Harvard for The Boston Globe, but I'd be more inclined to defend her against his insinuations if she were, you know, a better senator and presidential candidate.

--Matthew Yglesias

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