I know, I know: No more about Terri Schiavo. But I just have to flag this astonishing statement from NRO’s Jack Dunphy:

Terri Schiavo were able, she would go to the nearest telephone, dial
9-1-1, and tell the operator that people are trying to kill her.

“If Terri Schiavo were able”? Why, pray tell, is she not able? Could it be, perhaps, because she no longer has the ability to think?

The one useful thing about this mess is that it’s invited us to
figure out what conservatives mean by “culture of life.” I think
Dunphy’s statement just about explains it all. They see being alive much the same
way that liberals see paying taxes: Not something one just happens to
be doing, but something one must do out of an obligation to the rest of
humanity. To people like Dunphy, the notion that death is a natural
part of life, or that continuing to live could be a net negative, is
simply unacceptible. This isn’t a culture of life. It’s a culture of publicly-owned life. It’s a culture of forced immortality.

- Daniel A. Munz