The Decade in Liberalism: The People.

Ted KennedyEveryone knows that policies are nothing without a strong public champion. Here are the figures we've watched shape the political landscape of the aughts:

Nancy Pelosi: The San Francisco liberal who took control of the House.

Al Gore: His post-Clinton reinvention.

Markos Moulitsas: The founder of DailyKos says serving in the Army made him a liberal.

Barack Obama: The junior senator from Illinois and the candidate with a Theory of Change.

Economists: James Galbraith takes a scathing look at the profession. Back in 2002.

George W. Bush: Our most dangerous president.

Robert Rubin: We picked a fight with him before it was fashionable.

Michael Barone: The curious politics of the man behind the Almanac of American Politics.

Ted Kennedy: The liberal champion of the poor and underprivileged.

Janet Napolitano: The head of Homeland Security created a workable, left-right coalition as governor of Arizona.

--The Editors

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