IN DEFENSE OF HRC. Hillary Rodham Clinton, lately keeping us safe from burning flags and Grand Theft Auto, gets one right in a big way with this speech. In a general way, defending privacy is the most important issue in domestic politics, both in and of itself, and as a way to attack the Human Growth Hormones that John Yoo execrably injected into the Executive Branch by dressing Alexander Hamilton up as one of the Plantagenets. People like privacy.

Respecting someone's privacy is a virtue; otherwise, nobody ever would have invented Venetian blinds. Most people could care less whether the Sixth Amendment applies to some poor sod swept up by the Northern Alliance and packed off to Botany ... er... Guantanamo Bay. But they believe their personal privacy is something the government is supposed to protect. I think you might even be able to chip off some of the libertarian right with this one. My one quibble, and it's largely a personal one, is that there doesn't seem to be any mention of genetic privacy here, an issue on which the senator's hubby was laudably ahead of the curve.

-- Charles P. Pierce