A DIFFERENT LOOK AT 9-11. The leading lights of conservative thought labor through the day to produce enough big fish to fill enough small barrels. A woman casts herself wistfully as the Mrs. Miniver of World War III (or IV.) The editor of Commentary wallows in existential dread and can't keep it from between his toes. A suburban dad is baffled as to why he -- and his local Best Buy -- are not living their lives in a garrison state, and is even more confused about whether or not that's a good thing. The second generation of the Pipes family looks around for another threat to which he can attach the family helium bottle. And the World's Second-Most Annoying Canadian -- David Frum's retired the Champion's Cup, alas -- once again wins a round of the JEOPARDY home game against two opponents made entirely of straw. Of course, it's the liberals who are bereft of ideas. Gaze in awe.

--Charles P. Pierce