DNC DOLLAR DROUGHT. As I wrote recently for Salon, Hillary Clinton is building a campaign organization so large and complete that, if she’'s the nominee, she could tell Howard Dean and the DNC to go screw themselves. She won’'t need a name, a list, a dollar, or a volunteer hour from them. After the Denver convention is over, she can fly solo.

We rarely if ever hear criticism of Dean, whose “50 state strategy” has become a Teflon deflector shield against any possible criticism. (For the record, and to prevent the predictable pouncing of critics, in my book I advocate for the 50 state strategy.) For example, a month ago MyDD'’s Jonathan Singer reported fundraising totals for the national party committees. Though congressional Democrats are expected to out-raise their minority Republican counterparts, (as the Republican National Committee has the White House and the Democratic National Committee doesn'’t) party control hardly explains the glaring disparities.

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