Draft David! And Garrison!

In Minnesota, Mark Dayton has decided not to run for another seat, making the 2006 map considerably harder than it was yesterday. On the other hand, I've long heard rumors that Paul Wellstone's son David wants to run for the Senate. The word on him is good and his father's legacy would make him a formidable challenger. Maybe it's time to dust off the green bus? Or register http://www.draftdavid.com? In addition, Garrison Keiller rumblings have begun, and anybody who's read his excellent book, Homegrown Democrat, knows he's a genius with framing and more than able to offhandedly ridicule and marginalize his hapless opponents. For instance, have any of your non-Obama candidates sounded this good lately?

Medicare says that even though you're not working and may need special help with the ordinary business of life, you have value in this society. This is a Democratic idea. Be a howling right-winger if it gives you pleasure, but nonetheless milk comes from cows and Medicare comes from Democrats.

Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Update: Here's another idea.