ELECTION DAY PARANOIA -- PART XIV. If somebody in the extended Lamont campaign family had anything to do with crashing Weepin' Joe Lieberman's website today, then they are dumber than a box of rocks. Period. However...If I were running behind, and my entire campaign over the past three weeks had been based on the theme "Crazy Bloggers Are Eating My Leg!," and if I had been fairly successful in getting the media Bigfoot class to repeat my theme, and if I'd made a big deal out of a tasteless piece of Internet art, and if one of my most prominent Establishment spokescritters this very morning had published a piece in The Wall Street Journal that meretriciously conflated bloggers with their anonymous commenters, then, I dunno, creating an Election Day feeding frenzy over an arcane Internet issue that not half the campaign press corps could be expected fully to understand on the fly might be just the kind of thing I'd try. Just sayin'.

Sometimes, I think growing up around Massachusetts politics wasn't necessarily the healthiest thing for me.

--Charles P. Pierce