ELLEN GOOD-WOMAN. As Dana said, Ellen Goodman spoke at the Women, Action & the Media conference here last night in Cambridge, MA from her 40 years of experience with the MSM op-ed pages. As one of the first women to grace the "thinking pages," Goodman's perspective was one that I found invaluable (although she had trouble articulating herself on complex issues like disablity and race). She points out that a lot of young women entering the media today know there was sexism that prevented women from speaking out in the media, but "they forget it was legal" to discriminate. The women, she said, were "researchers" at big publications like Newsweek, and the men were the reporters and writers. Sitll, women make up a vast minority of the talking heads. Goodman brings the perspective that women have come a long way in the media but still have a long way to go.

-- Kay Steiger

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