I'm taking a week off, heading up to the mountains with the girlfriend.  Sadly, this'll actually make the site much better.  Filling in will be:

• Scott Lemieux, an assistant professor of political science at Hunter College and one of the excellent bloggers helming Lawyers, Guns and Money;   

• The Jew, who writes the smart blog of almost the same name;

• Prof Goose, who'll be filling you all in on energy policy and can generally be found at The Oil Drum;

Shakespeare's Sister, who needs no introduction but will bring you all up to date on the Downing Street Memos;

• And Matthew Holt, a health care consultant who'll be adding some professional expertise to all the pronouncements us armchair health care strategists keep offering.

I'll be quite surprised if you all want me back.  Anyway, it should be a fun week around here, so keep checking in -- there'll be lots to learn.