Every Time He Thinks He's Out, They Pull Him Back In

There was a time not long ago when Democrats feared the culture war. They'd try to make campaigns about things like economic fairness, and just when things seemed to be going their way, Republicans would jump out from behind a bush and shout "God! Guns! Gays!" Voters would scream in alarm and pull the lever for the GOP. But here we are today, with Republicans desperately trying to change the subject away from gay marriage and back to the economy. Whodathunkit?

Just a few days ago, most people thought it would be too risky for President Obama to come out and support marriage equality. But now not only has he come out in support, his campaign has released a web ad touting his support for it and slamming Romney for not supporting even civil unions. It uses George W. Bush (!) saying he supports civil unions, and hits Romney for supporting a constitutional amendment to forestall marriage equality. "President Obama is moving us forward," the ad concludes. "Mitt Romney would take us back." Meanwhile, Republican leaders are trying desperately to avoid talking about marriage.

But this story is not going to go away, at least not for the next few days. Because guess where Mitt Romney is scheduled to give a speech tomorrow: Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. It was scheduled some time ago, but in the midst of all this, when Romney keeps saying he wants to talk about the economy, he's going down to Lynchburg to address an audience of evangelicals, where he'll of course have to heap praise on Falwell, one of the most divisive culture-war figures this country has ever seen, and of course he'll have to proclaim his support for "traditional" marriage, and of course he'll have to talk about abortion, and of course he'll come off sounding like someone who has to keep proving to the hard right that he's "severely conservative," in his own immortal words. And this all comes on the heels of the bullying story. It has been one tough week for the guy.

In honor of Mitt's appearance at Liberty, I give you this: quite possibly the best hip-hop anthem about an evangelical university ever produced. Critics everywhere said, "Not nearly as awful as I expected!"

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