EXIT POLLS. While the cable networks remain maddeningly unspecific, Political Wire has gotten a look at the individual Senate exit polls. The verdict? Democrats take the Senate. I'll caution that 2004's verdict was that Kerry takes the presidency, but well-placed sources I'm hearing of are hinting at a Democratic wave.

As the exit polls now stand, Democrats are leading in Rhode Island by 7, Virginia by 7, Pennsylvania by 15, Ohio by 14, New Jersey by 8, Montana by 9, and Missouri and by 2. Republicans are leading in Tennessee by 3 and Arizona by 4. Advantage, Harold.

Meanwhile, the courageous Prospect staff huddles around the conference table, anxiously awaiting pizza...

Update: CNN just said voters who name terrorism or immigration as their top issues are split. Those are, of course, the marquee Republican issues, so if the numbers are right, we're looking at a wave.

--Ezra Klein