FAQ's for a Guest Blogger

Q: Who are you, anyway.

A: My name's Chris Rasmussen. I've previously blogged here and here (all of my posts at that site have been scrubbed due to my calls for a mass suicide in the event Bush was re-elected). I'd like to thank Ezra, who I have admired for some time, for providing me this opportunity to make a fool of myself for 48 consecutive hours.

Q: Is that your real name or is it a psudeonym like "Jeff Gannon"?

A: It is my real name. The only thing I have in common with Mr. Gannon/Guckert is that we have a shared hobby in creating web sites for escort services.

Q: What are your qualifications for blogging? Do you have expertise in any area?

A: Much like Ezra, I suffer from a life-long physical disability rendering me unable to button a shirt. I also have thoughts and opinions and, unlike many non-bloggers, also have access to a computer. I do not, however, have the academic brilliance of a Matt Yglesias, as I spent much of my college years quite drunk. I also do not have any expertise in anything nor do I have any access to anyone remotely famous or influential. My ability to express my thoughts and opinions on a computer is considered by many experts as a potential replacement for traditional journalism. These experts are "insane".