Steve Clemons, who's playing doing the Josh Marshall thing and becoming your one-stop shop for anti-Bolton organizing, has an action alert today:

Please immediately call the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Majority Staff) office at 202-224-4651 and state that while you are not opposed to the Bolton Hearings themselves, you are asking Senator Lugar NOT TO ANNOUNCE THE DATE OF THE HEARINGS TODAY.

The committee staff is now aware that this is a matter of contention. If Lugar does not announce the Bolton Hearings today -- then they cannot be held next week. The first opportunity would then be during the week of April 4th.

This is important. Please call today -- Friday -- TODAY.


Quick background -- the right is trying to fast-track the Bolton hearings, which'll mean there's no time for the opposition to mass and thus no opportunity to make Bush pay for nominating an anti-UN ideologue. Considering America is broadly supportive of a good relationship with the UN, and even more in favor of the non-proliferation treaties Bolton has spent his timer trying to wreck, this hearing needs to be very, very, very public. It needs to plaster the papers and become a war over the administration's extremist foreign policy ideologies. So make the call, we need this debate.