THE FILIBUSTER: GOOD FOR CONSERVATISM. The Hill has an article today about conservative trepidations over exercising the nuclear option and perhaps kickstarting the process of eliminating all filibusters outright. ('Winger activist Jim Boulet, Jr. has been articulating this warning to fellow conservatives for a while now.) I have my doubts that the nuclear option will be emerging as a seriously live issue again soon (though the Brent Kavanaugh showdown might provoke something), so I'm a bit dubious of the topical relevance of this piece, but it does nicely harken back to an old debate from last year about the filibuster. The correct side of that debate, you'll recall, is that the filibuster is bad for liberalism and should be eliminated.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in The Hill, as Atrios noted, we see ace moderate Arlen Specter cave to Republican demands on a weighty and high-profile issue for the nine bajillionth time.

--Sam Rosenfeld