A FOND FAREWELL. Friends, after almost three years as one of the contributors to TAPPED, today is the day I'll be saying goodbye, at least for a little while. Starting tomorrow, I'll be on a leave of absence from The American Prospect in order to focus on writing a book. I'm going to keep writing a column for TAP Online and will probably do something or other for the magazine in the interim, but no more group-blog for me. I won't be out of the blogging game by any means, but in order to simplify my life and get the task down to a manageable size, I'm just going to post at a single eponymous site -- MatthewYglesias.com -- and leave this one to my colleagues.

Change, of course, is nothing new to The Only Blog That Matters, and our two founding writers -- Chris Mooney and Nick Confessore -- have both been gone for some time now. And as you've no doubt noticed, we've taken on a larger cast of characters over the past few months and launched several additional blogs featuring the Prospect brand. Everything, in other words, is going to be okay. Except, perhaps, for me. It's been a pleasure to work alongside -- and virtually alongside -- my various estimable colleagues, co-bloggers, and editors, and if any of you aren't familiar with my work on other sites, you have no idea how bad my spelling can get in an unedited forum.

At any rate . . . good night, and good luck.

--Matthew Yglesias

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