FORGET DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ. This morning CNN's Michael Ware did an interview on American Morning where he (wrongly) analyzed the situation in Iraq, saying troops need to stay put. Right-wing NewsBusters quoted him as saying:

�And you listen very carefully to what General Petraeus says, he says �This is what we would like to see, a representative government.� When I was in Diyala province, I interviewed a two-star general on camera for CNN, and he admitted for the first time from anyone in the military that they�re now prepared to accept options other than democracy.

�Now this is what this war was sold to the American public on, yet they�re now saying democracy isn�t mandatory, it�s an option, and that they�re prepared to see a government that can protect itself, give services to its people, and it doesn�t have to be democratic. In fact, the general said, most of our allies in this region are not democratic. So that fundamentally addresses the root cause of why America says it went to war, and now the military is saying, well, we may not get there.�

It's official. The military wants to keep an authoritarian regime in place as long as it will stabilize Iraq and be a U.S. ally. Now the two reasons for going to war in Iraq, WMDs and democracy, are abandoned. Hm, I seem to recall an authoritarian regime that had stabilized Iraq before the war started...

-- Kay Steiger

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