The Future of the Newspaper?

A year ago, I wrote a column lamenting the effect the inevitable death of the newspaper would have on my breakfast ritual. Until Apple comes out with the iDiningTable -- which will be totally overpriced, no doubt -- you just can't beat having the paper spread out beneath your coffee and cereal, as you start your day with a gentle engagement with the world.

Before long, saying you enjoy the newspaper will be greeted with, "Whatever, grandpa. Don't fall off your horse and buggy." But is there hope? Perhaps. Take a look at what some designers have created -- a model of the newspaper of the future (via Gizmodo):

THE PAGE_Adaptive Delivery Device from Scott Liao on Vimeo.

The technology doesn't quite exist yet, but it's not so far-fetched to imagine we could have something very similar within a few years (there are more pictures here). And the best thing about it? You can put your coffee on it.

-- Paul Waldman

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