GOODBYE, JOE. It is time now for Joe Lieberman to go away.

He's managed to respond to a challenge from a guy who sounds like a prep-school rowing coach by running what may be the most singularly inept political campaign in the history of the United States Senate. He's steadily tossed away ever advantage that an incumbent has until, now, with his career squarely on the line next Tuesday, he's floundering around Connecticut making Alan Keyes sound like Daniel Webster. Today, there was a noisy dust-up in which he demanded that Ned Lamont distance himself from firedoglake blogger Jane Hamsher because of a picture that Hamsher posted on The Huffington Post in which Lieberman was depicted in blackface. Hamsher has since apologized and taken down the photo.

Something of a tactical blunder, to be sure, in that it allowed Weepin' Joe to take his pet conscience out for a walk again, but this distance-yourself-from-X debate is not one that he really wants to have because Lamont would then be well within his rights to ask Joe about:

  • His connection with the likes of Cakewalk Ken Adelman and the rest of the imperial buffoons of the Committee on Present Danger.

  • His connection to Lynne Cheney and her proposed academic blacklist through the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, which they co-founded.

  • His prolonged slow-dance with censorious hypocrite William Bennett. (Does Joe believe that "you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down"?)

  • His regular appearances with Sean Hannity, who believes many of Lieberman's fellow Democratic politicians to be traitors, and,

  • His regular appearances amid the racist goonery of the Don Imus radio program. (Does Lieberman believe that Gwen Ifill is a "cleaning lady"?)

    Just go away, you sad little fellow. Your time, if it was ever your time, is quite up.

    --Charles P. Pierce

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