GORE WATCH. Whether Al Gore is gearing up for another run or just jumping back into the public eye to promote his coming movie, his reentry into the media's consciousness has been brilliant. Many of you have already seen his Saturday Night Live clip, where President Gore addresses the successes (end of global warming) and failures (when glaciers attack!) of his tenure (if you missed it, John Amato has you covered). Over the past couple of months, he's made the cover of Wired, Vanity Fair, and most significantly, The American Prospect. Last week, Time included him in their 100 Most Influential List. His stock on Tradesports, as you can see in the graph here, is soaring. And yesterday, Gore updated his normal chuckling denial of electoral intentions -- "I'm a recovering politician" -- with a new ending clause: "But you always have to worry about a relapse.�

That you do. And there's nothing better for an addict than a caring, observant group of friends dedicated to tracking his progress. So this is the first edition of Gore Watch, a regular feature where I'll keep you up to date on Gore's movements, preparations, and ventures. With his movie rolling out over the next few months and his efforts to publicize it gearing up, there should be quite a bit to keep track of as Gore wanders backwards over the twelve steps.

--Ezra Klein