GUTSY. Note that...

GUTSY. Note that on the flag-burning amendment, Robert Byrd voted against.

Even though he�s from red West Virginia. Even though Jay Rockefeller voted yea. Even though he�s involved in a potentially tough reelection campaign against a simian blowhard from my hometown named John Raese who will demagogue this to death. Even though virtually every other Democrat facing an election this year -- especially those from red states, and even one from a blue state (Bob Menendez) -- voted yeah. (The roll call is here.) Even though Byrd could have been the 67th and thus decisive vote in favor.

�Old Glory lives because the Constitution lives,� Byrd said. �We love that flag, but we love the guarantees of the Constitution more.� He�s willingly created a potentially difficult situation for himself because of an actual belief! Bravo.

--Michael Tomasky