HE WANNA GET AWAY. Ah, pity poor Chris Hitchens. As one shall-remain-nameless friend chuckled to me recently, Hitch must have needed a good, long week with his face in a large bowl of vodka to recover from the revelation in Bob Woodward�s State of Denial that none other than his bete noir, Henry Kissinger, is a key Iraq adviser to President Bush, SecDef Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the war architects for whom Hitchens has been fashioning increasingly creative apologies. Hitch has finally mustered the strength to comment about Kissinger�s participation in the Bush war machine at Slate.

What�s next? Newly-discovered documents revealing that Mother Teresa briefly served as Hitch hero Winston Churchill�s concubine in the 1940s? From this point forward, every time one of those �wanna get away?� ads by Southwest Airlines comes on TV, I�ll think of poor old Chris.

--Tom Schaller