HEIRESSES AND THE GLASS CEILING. Forbes just released its list of international billionaires, which includes more women than ever before. And the ladies of the anti-feminist Independent Women's Forum are crowing that this proves women don't need anti-discrimination or pay equity laws:

This is irrefutable proof that women don�t need government programs to help them make it in the business world�a fact our friends at NOW and similar organizations are unwilling to admit.

Except for the fact that every woman in the top 100 has inherited her wealth, not shattered the glass ceiling to earn her millions. The presence of these women on the Forbes list has next to nothing to do with the obstacles faced by average working women. And, in fact, it's still a great idea for government to pay attention to how women are faring in the workplace. Paris Hilton's riches are no excuse to ignore the issue.

--Ann Friedman

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