Greetings fellow Kleiniacs.  Ezra has once again exhibited his astonishingly poor judgment and turned over the keys to someone else this weekend.  We have promised not to wreck the car or raid the liquor cabinet, but we'll see.  You never know what those crazy bloggers will do. 

OK, let's get the blog plugging out of the way.  We are the two co-conspirators who sometimes ramble angrily on Here's What's Left

A word about the name.  It's a pun.  It both expresses a slight resignation about the world, as if to say, "*sigh* here's what's left."; but also, we're lefties, so literally, "here, on our blog, are things that are of the left."  See, that's funny, right?  We say only because sometimes people get it wrong in interesting ways.  The other day some guy linked to something we had written referring to us as "Here's What They Left."  But then that fellow also said that we accused the US military of being baby killers; so he appears to have had reading comprehension problems. 

So it'll be us, and, we understand, Shakespeare's sister. 

Anyway, in case you have any doubt that Bush is a compassionate conservative, or, perhaps more accurately, conservatively compassionate, you will want to read this piece about Bush's latest round of pardons, bringing his grand total to 39.  Which is only 38 less than his father issued, but 417 less than Clinton.  But what Bush lacks in quantity, he more than makes up for in relevance:

Charles Russell Cooper, Corpus Christi, Texas, bootlegging, sentenced May 1959 in South Carolina to three years probation


-- Michael and Heather