In my role as deputy editor at the Prospect, I have the privilege of working with and editing some of the most promising up-and-coming young journalists in the business, as well as some of the most accomplished writers on the left and in journalism. Having gotten my start in journalism at newspapers, where there is little space for a substantive discussion of the issues and where “two sides” to every story must be presented, I’m proud to say the Prospect retains the best aspects of daily journalism (accuracy and timeliness) while adding more depth and discussion – and an unabashedly liberal worldview.

The Prospect’s not-for-profit status allows us to focus on meaty policy issues and in-depth reporting without tailoring or altering our content to appeal to advertisers. Donations also help pay our writing fellows’ salaries and our writers’ fees. Unlike many other influential liberal Web sites, the Prospect is proud to pay its staff and contributors for their work. If you read and enjoy our blogs, our Web magazine, or our print magazine, we would really appreciate an end-of-year donation.

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--Ann Friedman

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