HENTOFF OFF-MESSAGE. Nobody in this business has fought harder for the Bill of Rights than Nat Hentoff has, but this piece is just awful. Hentoff ought to be embarrassed to be tossing around accusations of anti-Semitism in the pages of a toy newspaper owned by Sun Myung Moon. The Great Father, after all, is on record as blaming the Holocaust on the fact that the Jews rejected Jesus. (Talk about your Golden Oldies of anti-Semitic theorizing.) He's even more widely on the record as condemning the separation of church and state, a doctrine on behalf of which Hentoff nobly has spilled more than his share of ink. If Hentoff's going to toss this silly charge around -- attributing generally to Connecticut's Democratic voters the idiocies of a couple of blog-commenters -- then he really ought not to be doing so while taking a check from a corrupt theocratic crackpot.

--Charles P. Pierce