Herman Cain: Now With Music. And a Hat.

Should presidential candidates commission songs about themselves? The answer is probably no. While it's possible to write a great song about political themes, once the candidate's name gets sung, something happens to you as a listener, as you are reminded that you aren't enjoying a piece of music but a piece of propaganda. It's a discordant note that you can't get past. But Herman Cain is giving it a shot, and guess what -- he's country:

The most interesting part of this is the repeated references to race and the Tea Party -- how the TP isn't racist, and Cain proves it. Back in 2008, lots of Republicans said that part of Barack Obama's appeal to Democrats was the way he offered them an opportunity to pat themselves on the back for being so racially progressive that they would nominate a black man. And there was some truth to that claim. Cain seems to be saying something similar to Tea Partiers: Support me, and you can prove those liberals wrong for saying this movement is motivated by race.

In any case, Cain's new song gives me an opportunity to present my favorite campaign song of all time, from a guy whose name is synonymous with rock 'n roll, Gerald Ford:

"I'm feelin' good about America, I'm feelin' good about me!"