Hey Girl, How's About You Slip Into Something More Comfortable—Like the Voting Booth?

In places without the mature democracy we enjoy, they do things differently. To wit: here's an ad from Vladimir Putin's presidential campaign (via Buzzfeed). You don't need to speak Russian to get the double-entendre. The comely young lady is talking to the fortune-teller about doing it for the first time, and from what I can tell, the advice she gets is, yeah, you should totally do it with that Putin guy. "It" being voting, of course! I gather the melancholy flute music is used because they don't have Barry White in Russia. Behold:

This is part of a theme for the Putin campaign, "For the first time," encouraging young people to vote. As what I think is his web site says—or at least as Google Translate says his web site says—"Now to express their citizenship in the squares—it's a trend, but to come and vote in the elections—not trendy, is secondary. The slogan 'For the first time—only for love,' equates the importance of choosing a candidate and the choice of a partner, as the first correct solution." Indeed.

You know, Mitt Romney could really separate himself from that Puritanical scold Rick Santorum with some sexier ads. I'm thinking a silk bathrobe a la Hugh Hefner, a roaring fire, a glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream (for his guest, of course, since he doesn't drink). "Hey America. You know what I'd like to fire? Your clothes. The security guard will be here in a moment to escort them out of the building."

Or maybe that's not such a great idea.

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