I think Dana is right that it would be fascinating to see the reaction to a Sebelius pick for VP. I'm of the opinion that most former Hillary Clinton backers would be happy to see a woman on the ticket. As TAP contributor Addie Stan wrote last month at HuffPo:

But the notion that voters mad at Obama because, being a young man, he swept past a 60-year-old woman who has paid some serious dues -- that those voters then would be miffed by the nomination of a 50+-year-old-woman who has paid some serious dues simply makes no sense. It has no internal logic, which obviously would not disqualify it in the eyes of those who think that older women -- and let's face it, that's what is meant by "disaffected Hillary voters" -- lack the capacity for logical decision-making.

As Dana has reported, most feminists who supported Hillary in the primary have come around (or are coming around) to Obama. Of course Clinton's primary supporters weren't a monolith, and not all identify as feminists. But every feminist I know who was a die-hard Hillary supporter understands that the primary is over, that voting for McCain is not an option, and would be happy to see any liberal, pro-choice woman on the ticket with Obama.

--Ann Friedman

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