HILLARY'S TREASURE. Looks like Big Business is betting on a Big Future for Hillary Clinton. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, she's now the #1 recipient of cash from over 27 different industries. Telecommunications, accounting, health care, Hollywood, restaurants, publishing, tourism, architects...the list goes on, and offers little in the way of coherence or committee assignment connections. Rather, Hillary's fundraising operation is simply so disciplined, determined, and sophisticated, that they've begun sucking up money few would even imagine lay on the table. And because her name looms so large and her future shines so bright, rare is the lobbyist who doesn't advise his clients to ante up. Whether any of this will actively influence her public policy decisions or predict her ideology is unclear. But it's certainly discomfiting to those of who think business wields too much might in public polciy decisions already.

--Ezra Klein