HITCHENS ISN'T FUNNY. I'm disappointed in myself for allowing Christopher Hitchens' idiotic "provocation" to, um, provoke me. If you don't want to bother reading the whole convoluted essay, I'll summarize his key point: Women are nothing but baby-makers. For this reason, they are serious about everything and have deeply impaired senses of humor.

I guess this is to be expected from a straight white dude who is all in favor of using racist, sexist and heterosexist slurs. And I'm used to reading this sort of shit on Men's News Daily, World Net Daily and other crazy, largely ignored websites. But this "provocation" appeared Vanity Fair. An established and respected publication. Ugh. Echidne has a nice takedown.

Also, when I first looked at this article I thought it was Christopher Hitchens who was pictured, not some "humorless woman." Turns out, I wasn't that far off. Check it out:


--Ann Friedman

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